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Why choose PlayStart Hockey?

At PlayStart Hockey we give your child every opportunity to shine, and we endeavour to promote everything positive. We stand by our motto of ‘Play, Learn, Progress’. With this in mind, we provide a class for any child looking to get active, advance any stage of learning and to enjoy getting and being outdoors.

Play > Learn > Progress

With our class groups offered for kids aged 5-9, we embrace our motto from the start.

No limit to play

Whatever age your child may join us, we truly believe that there is no limit to play, therefore, no limit to what your child can learn.

Passionate coaches

Our passionate coaches teach in a fun, friendly and expectation free environment.

Fun environment

PlayStart Hockey is a great way to teach your child all the basic skills in a fun way to start their sporting journey.

What we offer

At PlayStart Hockey we help your child be active and have fun doing it.

At PlayStart Hockey our passion, above all else, is to help your child be active and have fun doing it. Whether you want to introduce your 5 year old to the game or have a 9 year old looking to learn how to play, we offer a variety of hockey programs for all skill levels. If your child is starting out, or can’t wait to get going, we offer a FREE trial class* to help you as parents ‘tick the box’ by experiencing the PlayStart Hockey way before committing to our term-based program.

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